When planning a wildlife safari and gorilla trekking vacation in Uganda, it’s essential to consider the country’s climatic patterns. While Uganda, located on the equator, boasts a relatively consistent temperature throughout the year, it experiences two dry seasons and two wet seasons.

Monthly Seasons in Uganda:

  • Dry Months (Best Time): January, February, June, and July.
  • Dry & Wet Rainy Months (Very Good Time): August and December.
  • Wet Rainy Months (Good Time): March and September (though September is a peak period).
  • Wet Rainy Season (Least Best Time): April, May, October, and November.

Hot & Cool Months:

There is only a slight variation (1-4 Celsius degrees) in temperature between months.

Best Time for Birdwatching Safaris:

  • End of May to September, varying by park.
  • Migratory birds arrive in November, departing by April.

Key Considerations:

  • Uganda’s consistent temperatures make it suitable for visits year-round.
  • Dry seasons are ideal for mountain gorilla tracking and wildlife game viewing.
  • Birdwatching enthusiasts may prefer the wet season for breeding and migratory bird sightings.
  • Families with children may plan visits during school breaks (June to August or the last two weeks of December).
  • Planning a 10-14 days tour is recommended to explore diverse parks, towns, and urban areas.


Coordinating Safari Activities with Weather:

  • Mountain gorillas move to lower elevations during the wet season.
  • Parks like Queen Elizabeth and Murchison Falls are best visited in dry seasons for better wildlife spotting.
  • Kidepo Valley has a unique climatic pattern, with one long dry season (July to February) and one wet season (March to June).


Altitude & Temperatures:

  • Temperature variations across the country depend on locations and altitudes.
  • Highland temperatures are lower, with cooler nights.
  • Kidepo Valley experiences warm temperatures year-round.


Budgetary Timing:

  • Wet seasons (April, May, October, November) offer more economical options with discounted rates.
  • Higher tourist footfall and prices occur from June to September during the Northern Hemisphere summer.


Best Time for Vacationing with Children:

  • Family vacations during school breaks (June to August) in the dry season.
  • Lower risk of illnesses in dry seasons with fewer mosquitoes.
  • Safaris in the last two weeks of December offer a sunny-weather experience, including a stay at Lake


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Wawote Safaris & Adventures will tailore to adventure depending on your specific activities and preferences. Despite changing weather patterns, Uganda promises an unforgettable wilderness experience.