Don’t assume that the great migration is the only best time to visit Kenya; the wildlife can be seen year-round, with babies being born towards the end of the year, and migratory bird species visiting from September to April. During the long rains – from March to May – some accommodations may close temporarily. However, photographers may enjoy the challenge of stormy skies and vibrant green landscapes. November – December’s short rains cause less disruption, and refresh the vegetation.

Kenya experiences distinct rainy and dry seasons, influencing the best times to visit based on your preferences.

Long Rains (March to May):

  • Weather: This period sees heavy rainfall, leading to lush landscapes and vibrant greenery.
  • Wildlife: While wildlife is still present, some accommodations may close, and travel can be challenging. However, this is a birthing season for many animals.
  • Photography: Enthusiasts might appreciate the dramatic skies and the rejuvenated scenery, making it a unique time for photography.

Short Rains (November to December):

  • Weather: These rains are lighter compared to the long rains, causing less disruption to travel and accommodation.
  • Wildlife: Animals are still active, and the refreshed vegetation can enhance the overall wildlife viewing experience.
  • Photography: The shorter and less intense rains may offer more favorable conditions for photography.

Dry Seasons (June to October and January to February):

  • Weather: These months are generally dry and considered the best for travel with sunny days and cooler temperatures.
  • Wildlife: Wildlife is abundant during the dry seasons, and it’s an excellent time for traditional safari experiences.
  • Photography: Clear skies and dry conditions provide optimal lighting for photography.

Migratory Bird Seasons (September to April):

  • Weather: Bird enthusiasts should plan visits during the dry seasons when migratory species are present.
  • Wildlife: Birdwatching is exceptional, with a variety of migratory species adding to Kenya’s diverse birdlife.

In summary, the best time to visit Kenya depends on your interests. Wildlife enthusiasts may prefer the dry seasons, while photographers might find the challenge and unique beauty during the long rains appealing. Those seeking a balance between wildlife and favorable travel conditions might opt for the short rains period.

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