Uganda is located at the heart of the African continent in the east and crosses both sides of the equator. From the snow capped mountains of the moon, along the equator, mountain Elgon ancient volcanicity, exemptional diversity with varied tracks of rain forests cover, inter-passed with punches of grass lands to the hot dry isolated Kidepo valley in karamoja yet magnificent, Uganda is renowned for its distinctive composition of primates wild game, mountains, rivers and falls, lash green, hospitality and cultures.

As Sir Winstone Churchill observed on his African journey in 1908, Uganda is from end to end a beautiful garden where lash green and staple food of the people grows with out labour, therefore Winstone Church famously dubbed the country indeed the “Pearl of Africa”. This is as true as it was in 1908, Uganda is the source of the Nile river, the longest river with the strongest falls “Murchison falls” in the world and one of the rare rivers that flows North, discovered by John Hannington Speke. A home to the second largest lake in the world, Lake Victoria.

Why you should visit Uganda

Uganda is a beautiful place of its own and an international biodiversity hotspot, combining the characteristics of East African Savannah with wet African rainforests. Diverse fauna and flora flourish here including species of large primates. Uganda is a home to more than half of the world’s Mountain gorilla, man’s closest relative.

Uganda is also known as Africa’s friendliest country, because of its unique history of being a British protected territory rather than a colony. Uganda has received tremendous accolades as one of the worlds top tourism destinatons and named top destination by lonely planet.

Bwindi was ranked best African birding destination by Travel African magazine and the Rwenzori mountains was ranked one of the world’s 15 best destinations for hikes by the National Geographic society and Kidepo valley national park was ranked one of the top African destination by CNN. These attractions and more make Uganda special!