Uganda, deservedly dubbed the Pearl of Africa, is located in the Great Lakes Region in central Africa and boasts an ecological diversity that rivals many larger countries. Here, Eastern Savannah meets West African jungle. Uganda really does offer visitors incredible diversity with its multitude of varying eco systems. Bordered by the Rwenzori Mountains (often called the Mountains of the Moon, the 3rd highest in Africa), the Virunga Mountains, and Africa’s largest lake, LakeVictoria, it’s a beautiful country bursting with birds and wildlife.

In no other African destination can one see a comparable variety of primates with so little effort – not just the great apes but also more than ten monkey species. And, if Uganda will have primate enthusiasts grinning with satisfaction, it will have birdwatchers doing cartwheels.Uganda is, by far, the smallest of the four African countries in which more than 1,000 bird species have been recorded and it is particularly rich in western rainforest specialists -undoubtedly the finest birdwatching in Africa.

For most, the highlight is found amongst the forests in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, where coming face to face with endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat is one of the most profound wildlife encounters you will ever experience. Discover tree-climbing lions around Ishasha in Queen Elizabeth National Park, trek chimps in KibaleForest or Kyambura Gorge, or snatch massive Nile perch up north at Murchison Falls where the mighty Nile cascades through a gap just seven metres wide. Adrenaline junkies will find Jinja simply exhilarating; with its white-waterrafting, kayaking, and bungee jumping activities. Jinja is rapidly emerging as East Africa’s answer to the more southerly”adrenalin capital” VictoriaFalls.

We invite you to explore Uganda, a diverse landscape with abundant wildlife, plenty to discover, and unique experiences.You’ll struggle to find the words that do justice to when recounting your time in this jewel of acountry.

Entry Requirements

Your passport must have a minimum of at least two full clear pages for visas and stamps and be valid for more than 6 months from the date of entry into Uganda.

Please check visa requirements prior to travel with your booking agent or Wawote Safaris as requirements are regularly changed with little notice.

Most passports need a single-entry visa (cost US$55).Visas can not be obtained on arrival.You must apply and pay for them online at at least two weeks before your arrival.

You are required to up load clear copies of your current passport, yellow fever certificate and a passport photo.The online form will ask for your contact in Uganda: Please contact Wawote Safaris & Adventures – DMC +256 (0) 785741117 Should you have any problems in the online application process please request assistance from us.

Only Visa and Mastercard cards are accepted for visa payments.Once payment is made, the system will process your application and send you a bar coded email. Print out this email and bring it with you to Uganda. Upon arrivalyou should present the bar coded email to the immigration officer, who will scan the bar code, take your finger prints andphotoand place avisa in your passport.

Alternatively,the Ugandan High Commissions may issue visas, where such commissions are located.

The following nationalities do not require a visa to enter Uganda: all nationalities from East African countries(Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya,  Burundi), all nationalities from COMESA countries (Angola, Eritrea, Malawi, Madagascar,Seychelles, Swaziland, Zambia, Comoros, Kenya, Mauritius, Zimbabwe), and passport holders from OTHERS (Antigua,Barbados, Fiji, Grenada, Lesotho, Sierra Leone, Solomon Islands, The Grenadines, Vanuatu, Cyprus, Bahamas, Belize,Gambia,Jamaica,Malta, Singapore, St.Vincent-TongaandIreland).

East AfricaTourist Visa

If you are planning an East Africa trip to include Uganda, Kenya and/or Rwanda, it may be better value to apply for a multiple entry visa – valid for 90 days for tourists only.Cost is USD100 per visa.For more information go to: if you are entering Uganda first, or alternatively visit the Government visa site for the East Africa country you will be first entering.

Kenya E visa Requirements

All nationals, except 43 exempt nations, require a visa to enter Kenya for travel, tourism, business and transit purposes. Getting an evisa is fairly easy and straightforward process as long as you meet the requirements and have the requisite documents.

Please refer to the provided link below for the Kenya Electronic Visa Application System Platform to see the list of exempt countries. For the non-exempt travelers, please note that you need to apply for your evisa prior to travel as visas on arrival are not available.

Single-entry visa (for business and tourism) costs around USD50. One is better off acquiring an East Africa visa with a validity of 90-days if they intend to visit the neighboring countries and reenter Kenya as it allows multiple entry into Kenya so long as you’ve not left East Africa.

List of E-visa requirements:

  • A valid identity document (e.g. passport) that is valid for at least six months and has at least two blank pages
  • To enter at one of Kenya’s 10 recognised border crossings, seaports or airports
  • Provide confirmation of your return ticket
  • Provide a travel itinerary
  • Provide confirmation of an accommodation reservation for at least one night after your arrival date
  • A passport-sized photograph
  • An active email address

Visit the official Kenya Immigration Website for your eligibility check and more details

Banking and Currency

US Dollars cash is widely accepted and, in most cases, preferred as the currency that travellers should use to EXCHANGE into UGX on arrival for spending money on the road e.g. for drinks, curios, tips. Please note that USD bills older than 2009 are not accepted. Ensure your USD bills are 2009 or younger.Small USD bills are difficult to change –use Uganda shillings for small tips.

Credit Cards: Can be used at some lodges and hotels, but a transaction fee may be charged which can be upto 5%. Ask first.

Travel,Transport and Getting Around

Flights: Note that baggage allowance on all domestic flights is max 15kgs in soft bags.

Travellers require a Yellow Fever in oculation more than 10 days prior to your departure. The certificate will be checked on arrival in Uganda. If you have a history of liver disorders(hepatitisetc.) consult your physician first.